What is Project SAUL
trying to do?

Project SAUL Australia aims to provide youth and young adults with challenging adventurous activities in the Australian bush to bring about self awareness, develop self discipline and respect for the environment and other people.
It is about building character and offering challenges that are relevant, valid and applicable to people's lives today. It is about breaking down the barriers between Youth and Police Officers. The programme includes Bushwalking, Abseiling and Caving. Instruction and safety briefings are conducted prior to each activity taking place.

The youth targeted by Project SAUL Australia are generally between the ages of 12 - 16 years old, do not have an extensive criminal record, have come to our notice through schools, other Police Officers, Youth Organisations and Parents, or have made an agreement at a Diversionary Conference or Court Referrals. The Youth are nominated by Police Officers, School Teachers and parents who are seeking assistance with their children.

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